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Free Will
Wiley (2013)
14,39 €

What is free will? Why is it important? Can the same act be both free and determined? Is free will...

Law and Social Justice
The MIT Press (2005)
38,39 €

These essays by leading scholars illustrate the complexity and range of philosophical issues raised...

Freedom and Determinism
The MIT Press (2004)
38,39 €

This collection of contemporary essays by prominent contemporary thinkers on the topics of...

Causation and Explanation
The MIT Press (2007)
39,49 €

This collection of original essays on the topics of causation and explanation offers readers a...

Action, Ethics, and Responsibility
The MIT Press (2010)
35,10 €

Leading philosophers explore responsibility from a variety of perspectives, including metaphysics,...

Knowledge and Skepticism
The MIT Press (2010)
38,39 €

New essays by leading philosophers explore topics in epistemology, offering both contemporary...

Time and Identity
The MIT Press (2010)
40,58 €

Original essays on the metaphysics of time, identity, and the self, written by distinguished...

Carving Nature at Its Joints: Natural Kinds in Metaphysics and Science

Carving Nature at Its Joints

Natural Kinds in Metaphysics and Science

The MIT Press (2011)
38,39 €

Reflections on the metaphysics and epistemology of classification from a distinguished group of...