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The Golden Ass
NuVision Publications, LLC (2004)
5,41 €

The Golden Ass is a classic book filled with adventure, suspense, and humor. The story follows the...

The Golden Asse (2010)
4,32 €

The Metamorphoses of Lucius Apuleius, which St. Augustine referred to as The Golden Ass (Asinus...

The Golden Asse
ReadHowYouWant (2006)
4,32 €

This is an exclusive picaresque novel and the only Latin fiction that survived from antiquity. It...

The Golden Ass
The Floating Press (1900)
4,67 €

The Metamorphoses of Lucius Apuleius is the only complete Latin novel to have survived to this day....

The Tale of Cupid & Psyches
The Floating Press (1900)
6,59 €

The first known record of the the poignant tale of Psyche's labors to reclaim the love of Cupid...

Pushkin Press (2013)
9,06 €

In the original myth of Cupid and Psyche, the goddess Venus becomes jealous of Psyche's celebrated...

The Golden Ass: Or Metamorphoses (Adlington's Translation, 1566) Publishing (2005)
4,22 €

"The Golden Ass: Or Metamorphoses (Adlington's Translation, 1566)" by Lucius Apuleius is a classic...