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Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?
Currency Press (2014)
11,00 €

Five plays are intertwined in one in this story of fringe dwellers living in an age of social,...

The Call
Currency Press (2009)
11,00 €

Funny, disturbing and bittersweet, The Call is an enthralling drama about a young man looking to...

Boy Overboard: the play
Currency Press (2007)
11,00 €

Jamal and Bibi have a dream. To lead Australia to soccer glory in the next World Cup. But first they...

Do Not Go Gentle...
Currency Press (2014)
11,00 €

In this wondrous play, Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition is a metaphor for the elusive...

Currency Press (2017)
11,61 €

Patricia Cornelius’ SHIT is rife with ugliness. Billy, Bobby and Sam speak with the voices of...

The Berry Man
Currency Press (2014)
11,00 €

The Berry Man is a searing indictment of the consequences of war, with the humour and fragile,...

Lovely Lovely Sometimes Ugly: Four Plays
Currency Press (2019)
17,11 €

In Lovely Lovely Sometimes Ugly , a collection of four plays by one of Australia’s most...

Landscapes of Origin in the Americas: Creation Narratives Linking Ancient Places and Present Communities

Landscapes of Origin in the Americas

Creation Narratives Linking Ancient Places and Present Communities

University of Alabama Press (2009)
26,10 €

Landscape is a powerful factor in the operation of memory because of the associations narrators make...