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The Swerve: How the Renaissance Began

The Swerve

How the Renaissance Began

Random House (2011)
10,99 €

WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION 2012 Almost six hundred years ago, a short, genial...

Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare

Will In The World

How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare

Random House (2012)
12,99 €

Stephen Greenblatt's Will in the World is widely recognised to be the fullest and most brilliant...

The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve
Random House (2017)
9,99 €

Selected as a book of the year 2017 by The Times and Sunday Times What is it about Adam and...

Tyrant: Shakespeare On Power


Shakespeare On Power

Random House (2018)
9,49 €

'Brilliant' Sunday Times How does a truly disastrous leader – a sociopath, a demagogue, a...

Learning to Curse: Essays in Early Modern Culture

Learning to Curse

Essays in Early Modern Culture

Taylor and Francis (2015)
17,54 €

Stephen Greenblatt argued in these celebrated essays that the art of the Renaissance could only be...

Shakespeare's Freedom
University of Chicago Press (2010)
12,30 €

Shakespeare lived in a world of absolutes—of claims for the absolute authority of scripture,...

Hamlet in Purgatory: Expanded Edition
Princeton University Press (2013)
17,35 €

In Hamlet in Purgatory , renowned literary scholar Stephen Greenblatt delves into his longtime...

Mapping the Renaissance World: The Geographical Imagination in the Age of Discovery

Mapping the Renaissance World

The Geographical Imagination in the Age of Discovery

Wiley (2014)
41,39 €

This book focuses on the work of the great sixteenth-century traveller and map-maker Andre Thevat...

Shakespeare's Festive Comedy: A Study of Dramatic Form and Its Relation to Social Custom

Shakespeare's Festive Comedy

A Study of Dramatic Form and Its Relation to Social Custom

Princeton University Press (2011)
26,03 €

In this classic work, acclaimed Shakespeare critic C. L. Barber argues that Elizabethan seasonal...

Religio Medici and Urne-Buriall
New York Review Books (2012)
16,25 €

Sir Thomas Browne is one of the supreme stylists of the English language: a coiner of words and...