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The Global Carbon Cycle
Princeton University Press (2010)
33,75 €

The Global Carbon Cycle is a short introduction to this essential geochemical driver of the Earth's...

The Cryosphere
Princeton University Press (2011)
27,96 €

The cryosphere encompasses the Earth's snow and ice masses. It is a critical part of our planet's...

Climate and the Oceans
Princeton University Press (2011)
27,96 €

The oceans exert a vital moderating influence on the Earth's climate system. They provide inertia to...

Atmosphere, Clouds, and Climate
Princeton University Press (2012)
28,93 €

The atmosphere is critical to climate change. It can amplify shifts in the climate system, and also...

Climate and Ecosystems
Princeton University Press (2013)
26,03 €

How does life on our planet respond to--and shape--climate? This question has never been more urgent...

Princeton University Press (2013)
26,03 €

Earth's climate has undergone dramatic changes over the geologic timescale. At one extreme, Earth...

Planetary Climates
Princeton University Press (2013)
26,03 €

This concise, sophisticated introduction to planetary climates explains the global physical and...

The Sun's Influence on Climate
Princeton University Press (2015)
27,00 €

The Earth's climate system depends entirely on the Sun for its energy. Solar radiation warms the...