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Routledge (1998)
21,62 €

A vital introduction to the historical dimensions and theoretical concepts associated with colonial...

The Postmodern
Taylor and Francis (2004)
19,93 €

Simon Malpas investigates the theories and definitions of postmodernism and postmodernity, and...

Travel Writing
Taylor and Francis (2011)
21,09 €

An increasingly popular genre – addressing issues of empire, colonialism, post-colonialism,...

Taylor and Francis (1998)
19,93 €

This introductory volume provides an overview of the history of Literature as a cultural concept,...

Metre, Rhythm and Verse Form
Taylor and Francis (1995)
19,93 €

Poetry criticism is a subject central to the study of literature. However, it is laden with...

Magic(al) Realism
Taylor and Francis (2004)
19,93 €

Bestselling novels by Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a multitude of...

Taylor and Francis (2011)
21,09 €

Ecocriticism explores the ways in which we imagine and portray the relationship between humans and...

Taylor and Francis (2000)
19,93 €

Parody is part of all our lives. It occurs not only in literature, but also in everyday speech, in...

Taylor and Francis (2003)
19,93 €

In this handy volume, Claire Colebrook offers an overview of the history and structure of irony,...


Discourse (2nd ed.)

Taylor and Francis (2004)
19,93 €

Sara Mills offers an accessible and comprehensive analysis of the term 'discourse' and explores the...