Byzantine and modern Greek literature

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Introduction to Attic Greek: Answer Key
University of California Press (2013)
18,30 €

This booklet provides the answers to the exercises in Introduction to Attic Greek, 2nd Edition by...

The Collected Poems: with parallel Greek text

The Collected Poems

with parallel Greek text

OUP Oxford (2007)
7,75 €

This volume presents the most authentic Greek text of Cavafy's 154 authorized poems ever to be...

The Medieval Greek Romance
Taylor and Francis (1996)
36,13 €

First published by CUP in 1989, The Medieval Greek Romance provides basic information for the...

Folk Poetry of Modern Greece
Cambridge University Press (2004)
30,74 €

A wide-ranging study of popular poetry and songs from the end of the Byzantine Empire to the...

Rhetorical Exercises from Late Antiquity: A Translation of Choricius of Gaza's Preliminary Talks and Declamations

Rhetorical Exercises from Late Antiquity

A Translation of Choricius of Gaza's Preliminary Talks and Declamations

Choricius, Robert J. Penella and 7 more...
Cambridge University Press (2009)
20,14 €

The first translation of the Declamations and Preliminary Talks of the sixth-century sophist...

Literature and Society in Renaissance Crete
Cambridge University Press (1991)
34,98 €

This 1991 book presents a comprehensive study of the literature of the time of the Cretan...

The Shade of Homer: A Study in Modern Greek Poetry

The Shade of Homer

A Study in Modern Greek Poetry

Cambridge University Press (1989)
29,68 €

This 1989 book explores the significance of Homer for the poetry of modern Greece.

A Companion to the Classical Tradition
Wiley (2008)
37,79 €

A Companion to the Classical Tradition accommodates the pressing need for an up-to-date...

Modern Greek Literature: Critical Essays
Taylor and Francis (2003)
43,35 €

The essays collected in Modern Greek Literature represent the work of young scholars as they...

The Selected Letters of Nikos Kazantzakis
Princeton University Press (2011)
56,91 €

The life of Nikos Kazantzakis--the author of Zorba the Greek and The Last Temptation of Christ...