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A Doll's House
The Floating Press (1923)
3,30 €

When A Doll's House was first published in 1879 it created a sensation. The play follows the...

Hedda Gabler: A Play in Four Acts

Hedda Gabler

A Play in Four Acts

Henrik Ibsen, Edmund Gosse and 1 more...
The Floating Press (2009)
3,33 €

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's play Hedda Gabler was first published in 1890. Despite...

The Cambridge Companion to Ibsen
Cambridge University Press (1994)
24,38 €

In this 1994 book sixteen chapters explore Ibsen's life and work and his influence on the modern...

Ghosts: A Family-Drama in Three Acts


A Family-Drama in Three Acts

The Floating Press (2009)
3,33 €

Fearing rejection by her community, Helene Alving stayed with her philandering husband up until his...

A Doll's House
ReadHowYouWant (2008)
3,83 €

Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House (1879) criticizes the nineteenth-century marriage norms and comments...

The Master Builder and Other Plays
Penguin Books Ltd (2006)
9,49 €

The four plays in this volume, written late in Ibsen's career as a dramatist, move away from his...

Ibsen’s Drama: Author to Audience

Ibsen’s Drama

Author to Audience

University of Minnesota Press (1979)
64,74 €

“A dramatist for all seasons” Einar Haugen calls Henrik Ibsen in this series of lectures...

Henrik Ibsen
Taylor and Francis (1997)
39,20 €

This set comprises 40 volumes covering 19th and 20th century European and American authors. These...

A History of German Literature: From the Beginnings to the Present Day

A History of German Literature

From the Beginnings to the Present Day

Wolfgang Beutin, Klaus Ehlert and 7 more...
Taylor and Francis (1993)
43,32 €

Since the appearance of its first edition in Germany in 1979, A History of German Literature has...

German Literature Through Nazi Eyes (RLE Responding to Fascism)
Taylor and Francis (2010)
37,13 €

The influence of Nazism on German culture was a key concern for many Anglo-American writers, who...