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Chi-Squared Data Analysis and Model Testing for Beginners
OUP Oxford (2019)
20,71 €

Recent groundbreaking discoveries in physics have relied on chi-squared analysis and model testing. ...

Heat Transfer
Cambridge University Press (2008)
81,07 €

This textbook provides engineers with the capability, tools and confidence to solve real-world heat...

Cellular Biophysics and Modeling: A Primer on the Computational Biology of Excitable Cells

Cellular Biophysics and Modeling

A Primer on the Computational Biology of Excitable Cells

Cambridge University Press (2019)
43,56 €

What every neuroscientist should know about the mathematical modeling of excitable cells, presented...


Networks (2nd ed.)

OUP Oxford (2018)
51,80 €

This book brings together recent advances and presents a comprehensive picture of the scientific...

Basic Chemical Thermodynamics
World Scientific Publishing Company (2013)
25,96 €

-->. This widely acclaimed text, now in its sixth edition and translated into many languages,...

Machine Learning for Signal Processing: Data Science, Algorithms, and Computational Statistics

Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Data Science, Algorithms, and Computational Statistics

OUP Oxford (2019)
56,98 €

Describes in detail the fundamental mathematics and algorithms of machine learning (an example of...

Heat Conduction Using Greens Functions
CRC Press (1753)
120,88 €

Since its publication more than 15 years ago, Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions has become the...

Thermodynamik: Vom Tautropfen zum Solarkraftwerk

Thermodynamik (2nd ed.)

Vom Tautropfen zum Solarkraftwerk

De Gruyter (2016)
48,34 €

Was haben adiabatische Prozesse mit den thermischen Aufwinden beim Segelfliegen zu tun? Wie hilft...

Complex Networks: Principles, Methods and Applications

Complex Networks

Principles, Methods and Applications

Vito Latora, Vincenzo Nicosia and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2017)
60,50 €

A comprehensive introduction to the theory and applications of complex network science, complete...

Statistical Analysis of Circular Data
Cambridge University Press (1995)
42,35 €

A unified, up-to-date account of circular data-handling techniques, useful throughout science.