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Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Environmental Systems and Societies Course Companion
OUP Oxford (2015)
43,14 €

Motivating learners to explore and investigate scientific concepts, this new core Course Book helps...

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Cradle to Cradle

Remaking the Way We Make Things

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2010)
22,95 €

A manifesto for a radically different philosophy and practice of manufacture and environmentalism ...

Urban Ecosystems: Ecological Principles for the Built Environment

Urban Ecosystems

Ecological Principles for the Built Environment

Cambridge University Press (2013)
53,24 €

An accessible introduction to the unifying principles of ecology through the exploration of urban...

Sustainability Science
Cambridge University Press (2012)
49,61 €

This textbook surveys key issues of sustainability - energy, nature, agro-food, resources, economics...

Geofuels: Energy and the Earth


Energy and the Earth

Cambridge University Press (2015)
32,67 €

An accessible, nontechnical introduction to Earth resources and energy systems, for a broad audience...

Sustainable Engineering: Principles and Practice

Sustainable Engineering

Principles and Practice

Cambridge University Press (2019)
82,28 €

A multidisciplinary introduction to sustainable engineering exploring challenges and solutions...

Global Warming: The Complete Briefing

Global Warming (5th ed.)

The Complete Briefing

Cambridge University Press (2015)
41,14 €

Sir John Houghton's definitive, full-colour guide to climate change is fully up-to-date with the...

Research Methods for Engineers
Cambridge University Press (2014)
31,46 €

Learn how to plan for maximum impact with this hands-on guide to conducting high-quality engineering...

The Organic Machine: The Remaking of the Columbia River

The Organic Machine

The Remaking of the Columbia River

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2011)
13,88 €

The Hill and Wang Critical Issues Series: concise, affordable works on pivotal topics in American...

Resource Economics
Cambridge University Press (2010)
33,88 €

A text for students with a background in calculus and intermediate microeconomics and a familiarity...