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Cambridge University Press (2018)
96,80 €

Provides an introduction to the modeling, analysis, design, measurement and real-world applications...

Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down


Or Why Things Don't Fall Down

Penguin Books Ltd (1991)
10,99 €

In "The New Science of Strong Materials" the author made plain the secrets of materials science. In...

Optical Properties of Solids
OUP Oxford (2010)
34,28 €

The second edition of this successful textbook provides an up-to-date account of the optical physics...

Heat Transfer
Cambridge University Press (2008)
81,07 €

This textbook provides engineers with the capability, tools and confidence to solve real-world heat...

Molecular Organic Materials: From Molecules to Crystalline Solids

Molecular Organic Materials

From Molecules to Crystalline Solids

Cambridge University Press (2008)
35,09 €

A useful introduction to the field of molecular organic materials for beginners and experienced...

Optical Effects in Solids
Cambridge University Press (2019)
71,39 €

Presents an overview of the optical effects in solids, addressing the physics of various materials...

Supply Chain Management Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2014)
24,38 €

Your SOURCE for supply chain management fundamentals Optimize your understanding of the essential...

Heat Conduction Using Greens Functions
CRC Press (1753)
123,13 €

Since its publication more than 15 years ago, Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions has become the...

Introduction to Steels: Processing, Properties, and Applications

Introduction to Steels

Processing, Properties, and Applications

CRC Press (2019)
49,24 €

The book briefly describes the structure, properties and applications of various grades of steel,...

Design Controls for the Medical Device Industry, Third Edition
CRC Press (2019)
49,24 €

This third edition provides a substantial comprehensive review of the latest design control...