AGP System Architecture, Second Edition (2nd ed.)

by Dave Dzatko, Tom Shanley,

Series: PC System Architecture Series

AGP System Architecture, Second Edition includes all the essentials from the first edition, but has been expanded and reorganized for even better coverage. This comprehensive and concise book provides an overview of the technology, a discussion of AGP Pro, and a practical tutorial for mastering AGP. In particular, it focuses on 3-D graphics and video-related applications most served by AGP. It also provides a primer for the PCI bus protocol as background for a discussion of AGP and analyzes the advantages of AGP over PCI for 3-D graphics.

Key Topics

  • 1X, 2X and 4X Data Transfer Modes
  • Electrical Specifications
  • AGP Arbiter
  • Grant Pipelining
  • AGP and PCI Differences
  • Add-in Card, Connector, and Motherboard Considerations
  • Configuration Registers and Process


    PCI System Architecture class or a strong understanding of PCI fundamentals.

    AGP System Architecture is one of the titles in the MindShare PC System Architecture Series, a series which has produced a number of notable volumes. These books are more readable than standards documents or chipset documentation and are also richer in insight and theoretical background than those materials tend to be. The series includes: ISA System Architecture, EISA System Architecture, 80486 System Architecture, PCI System Architecture, Pentium System Architecture, PCMCIA System Architecture, PowerPC System Architecture, Plug-and-Play System Architecture, CardBus System Architecture, and Protected Mode Software Architecture

    • Addison-Wesley Longman; September 1999
    • ISBN: 9780201700695
    • Edition: 2
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    • Title: AGP System Architecture, Second Edition
    • Series: PC System Architecture Series
    • Author: Dave Dzatko; Tom Shanley; Inc. Mindshare
    • Imprint: Addison-Wesley Longman