Solving Ordinary Differential Equations I (2nd ed.)

Nonstiff Problems

by Ernst Hairer, Syvert P. Nørsett, Gerhard Wanner

Series: Springer Series in Computational Mathematics (No. 8)

This book deals with methods for solving nonstiff ordinary differential equations. The first chapter describes the historical development of the classical theory, and the second chapter includes a modern treatment of Runge-Kutta and extrapolation methods. Chapter three begins with the classical theory of multistep methods, and concludes with the theory of general linear methods. The reader will benefit from many illustrations, a historical and didactic approach, and computer programs which help him/her learn to solve all kinds of ordinary differential equations. This new edition has been rewritten and new material has been included.

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From the reviews

"This is the revised version of the first edition of Vol. I published in 1987. ….Vols. I and II (SSCM 14) of Solving Ordinary Differential Equations together are the standard text on numerical methods for ODEs. ...This book is well written and is together with Vol. II, the most comprehensive modern text on numerical integration methods for ODEs. It may serve a a text book for graduate courses, ...and also as a reference book for all those who have to solve ODE problems numerically." Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Physik

"… This book is a valuable tool for students of mathematics and specialists concerned with numerical analysis, mathematical physics, mechanics, system engineering, and the application of computers for design and planning…" Optimization

"… This book is highly recommended as a text for courses in numerical methods for ordinary differential equations and as a reference for the worker. It should be in every library, both academic and industrial." Mathematics and Computers