Hewitt-Nachbin Spaces

by Maurice D. Weir, Leopoldo Nachbin

North-Holland Mathematics Studies: Hewitt-Nachbin Spaces exposes the theory of Hewitt-Nachbin spaces, also called realcompact or Q-spaces, taking into account synergistic points of view from which these spaces are investigated.
The publication first offers information on embedding in topological products and Hewitt-Nachbin spaces and convergence, including notation and terminology, embedding lemma, E-completely regular spaces, E-compact spaces, and characterizations and properties of Hewitt-Nachbin spaces. The text also touches on Hewitt-Nachbin spaces, uniformities, and related topological spaces, as well as Hewitt-Nachbin completeness and uniform spaces, review of uniform spaces, and almost realcompact and cb-spaces.
The book takes a look at Hewitt-Nachbin completeness and continuous mappings. Discussions focus on classes of mappings, perfect mappings, WZ mappings, closed mappings and Hewitt-Nachbin spaces, and E-perfect mappings.
The manuscript is a reliable reference for readers interested in Hewitt-Nachbin spaces.

  • Elsevier Science; October 2013
  • ISBN: 9781483257181
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Hewitt-Nachbin Spaces
  • Author: Maurice D. Weir; Leopoldo Nachbin (ed.)
  • Imprint: North Holland