Religious Freedom and Discrimination

by Justin Healey

Series: Issues in Society (No. 384)

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right, safeguarded by the Australian Constitution; individuals are free to express a diversity of views, as long as they do not incite religious hatred. This book provides an overview of the latest trends in religious affiliation in Australia. The book also explores human rights and religion in Australian law, in response to recent calls for stronger legislative recognition and protection of religious freedoms, including exemptions from anti-discrimination laws. How much vilification is experienced by religious groups in Australia? Should faith-based organisations be allowed to discriminate to avoid injury to religious sensitivities? Is there enough separation between religion and the state, or should Australia’s government be more secular? Even in a modern and tolerant multi-faith society such as Australia, religious freedom is a complex and contested concept - where does the balance lie? Also includes: worksheets and activities, fast facts, glossary, web links, index. Titles in the Issues in Society series are individual resource books which provide an overview on a specific subject comprised of facts and opinions. The information in this resource book is not from any single author, publication or organisation. The unique value of the Issues in Society series lies in its diversity of content and perspectives. The content comes from a wide variety of sources and includes: newspaper reports and opinion pieces, website fact sheets, magazine and journal articles, statistics and surveys, government reports, and literature from special interest groups.
  • The Spinney Press; January 2015
  • ISBN: 9781922084699
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  • Title: Religious Freedom and Discrimination
  • Series: Issues in Society (No. 384)
  • Author: Justin Healey (ed.)
  • Imprint: The Spinney Press