Altruism and Beyond

An Economic Analysis of Transfers and Exchanges within Families and Groups

by Oded Stark

Series: Oscar Morgenstern Memorial Lectures

How do altruistic links affect allocative behavior and wellbeing? Can the processes of transmission and probable acquisition of parental traits result in a stable equilibrium where all agents are altruists? Why do children furnish their parents with attention and care? Does the timing of the intergenerational transfer of the family's productive asset affect the recipient's incentive to acquire human capital? Why do migrants remit? Altruism and Beyond provides answers to these and related questions. In addition, it traces some of the market repercussions of the intrafamilial, intergenerational, and intragroup transfers and exchanges that it models.

In The Press

'An important contribution. … A think-piece about work in progress on the frontiers of transfer theory … (Stark) is remarkably good at pinning down the predictions of his models and checking them against the evidence.' The Economic Journal