Assisting at Surgical Operations

A Practical Guide


Series: Cambridge Clinical Guides

There are many superb books on how to do operations but there are few or none on how to assist at them, and none written either by or for medical students or doctors. Therefore, the skills that make an expert surgical assistant are difficult to acquire. Normally, they can only be learnt in a haphazard way, by spending years in the operating theatre. This book describes those skills in a concise and systematic way, in surgery in general, and in ten different speciality areas. Although intended mainly for clinical-level medical students and junior doctors, other people who assist at surgical operations, including general practitioners, nurse assistants and surgical technologists, will also find it useful. Whether planning a career in surgery, or simply aiming for high marks in a surgical rotation, there are few better ways to impress a surgeon than by skilfully assisting at surgical operations.

In The Press

' … describes general operating theatre conduct with the overall aim of teaching you how to be a good surgical assistant … focuses on the immediate aftermath of the operation, advising on drugs to prescribe post-operatively and how to write a comprehensive but succinct operation note …This book is aimed at medical students and foundation year doctors. It is a valuable read for anyone at this level. A knowledgeable surgical assistant is a delight to a surgeon and will gain a lot of kudos. I would thoroughly recommend it to this group of students and doctors … a good easy read that sets out its information in a clear and logical way with good diagrams and photos.' British Medical Journal