Introducing Difficult Mathematics Topics in the Elementary Classroom

A Teacher’s Guide to Initial Lessons

by Francis J. Gardella

This exciting text for the pre-service elementary teacher provides hands on mathematics lessons they can use to introduce mathematical concepts and skills that students find particularly challenging. Each chapter is divided into four sections:

  • The Activity employs an engaging thought experiment to help the reader "visit a classroom" to understand how the lesson used to introduce the concept or skill would materialize in the class.
  • The Mathematics provides the necessary mathematical background used in the lesson to make the actual teaching/learning situation comfortable for both the teachers and the learner.
  • The Plan provides the reader with an actual lesson plan to engage the Activity in the classroom setting.
  • Putting It All Together pulls the previous sections together with a summary of the chapter as well as further information for making the lesson successful.
  • By providing models of what excellent lessons on a given topic look like, knowledge of the mathematics involved, and a concrete lesson plan structure this much-needed resource is the definitive mathematics planning vehicle that every teacher will want before they set foot in their own elementary classroom.

    • Taylor and Francis; August 2008
    • ISBN: 9781135890919
    • Edition: 1
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    • Title: Introducing Difficult Mathematics Topics in the Elementary Classroom
    • Author: Francis J. Gardella
    • Imprint: Routledge

    About The Author

    Francis J. Gardella is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education in the School of Education at Hunter College.