CultureShock! Brazil

by Volker Poelzl

Series: CultureShock!

CultureShock! Brazil dispels the preconceptions about this diverse dynamic country and reveals the beauty and character that is Brazil. Written in a personable style, the book touches on all aspects of Brazilian life presenting the reader with a balanced, realistic and useful guide. This book leads you through the economic power house that is São Paulo to the beach life of Rio de Janeiro, to the lush and abundant vegetation of the rainforest. There is invaluable information about how to acquire a visa, rent a property, obtain a driving licence together with details on dining etiquette and the Brazilian work environment. Be introduced to the friendly and outgoing Brazilian character and understand how to speak Brazilian. Socialising is key to life in Brazil, which is why CultureShock! Brazil is packed with information and advice on dealing with crowds, noise and learning to not only survive but enjoy the experience that is Brazil.