Haunted Heart

The Life and Times of Stephen King


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A fascinating look at the life of the author who created such modern classics as Carrie, IT, and The Shining.
One of the most prolific and popular authors in the world today, Stephen King has become part of pop culture history. But who is the man behind those tales of horror, grief, and the supernatural? Where do these ideas come from? And what drives him to keep writing at a breakneck pace after a thirty year career? In this unauthorized biography, Lisa Rogak reveals the troubled background and lifelong fears that inspire one of the twentieth century's most influential authors.
King's origins were inauspicious at best. His impoverished childhood in rural Maine and early marriage hardly spelled out the likelihood of a blossoming literary career. But his unflagging work ethic and a ceaseless flow of ideas put him on the path to success. It came in a flash, and the side effects of sudden stardom and seemingly unlimited wealth soon threatened to destroy his work and, worse, his life. But he survived and has since continued to write at a level of originality few authors could ever hope to match.
Despite his dark and disturbing work, Stephen King has become revered by critics and his countless fans as an all-American voice more akin to Mark Twain than H. P. Lovecraft. Haunted Heart chronicles his story, revealing the character of a man who has created some of the most memorable---and frightening---stories found in literature today.

Stephen King on Stephen King:

"I'm afraid of everything."

"As a kid, I worried about my sanity a lot."

"I am always interested in this idea that a lot of fiction writers write for their fathers because their fathers are gone."

"Writing is an addiction for me."

"I married her for her body, though she said I married her for her typewriter."

"When you get into this business, they don't tell you you'll get cat bones in the mail."

"You have to be a little nuts to be a writer."

"There's always the urge to see somebody dead that isn't you."

  • St. Martin's Press; January 2010
  • ISBN: 9781429987974
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  • Title: Haunted Heart
  • Author: Lisa Rogak
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Subject categories
  • 9780312603502
  • 9781429987974

In The Press

“Consulting many sources, among them Silverstein's friends; radio interviews; and newspaper, journal, and magazine articles, Rogak thoughtfully reconstructs the artist's life. ... An authoritative and accessible biography, absorbing from cover to cover.” —Library Journal on A Boy Named Shel

“[A BOY NAMED SHEL] offers revealing anecdotes, complete with some dirty laundry, about the prolific children's author and cartoonist.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The strength of this biography is in leading readers back to Silverstein's art, which is, after all, where he would have us find him.” —School Library Journal on A Boy Named Shel

“Fascinating...A BOY NAMED SHEL is a revealing peak into the mind behind both 'Runny Babbit' and 'Freakin' at the Freakers Ball.'” —Albany Times Union

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“Lisa Rogak dives wholeheartedly into presenting the full story of media-shy Silverstein. She covers every step in his creative career, following his journey across media. Silverstein proved himself as a songwriter, a cartoonist, an author, a poet, a playwright and a screenwriter, and Rogak doesn't miss a beat.” —The Daily Californian on A Boy Named Shel

“Faithfully following Silverstein on his wandering and tracing his deft compartmentalizing, Rogak lifts the curtain, respectfully, on this cultural icon.” —GO (AirTran Airways Inflight Magazine) on A Boy Named Shel

About The Author

Lisa Rogak is the author of more than forty books. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina where she writes and plays piano, upright bass, and accordion in a variety of ensembles. Her most recent biographies are The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code: An Unauthorized Biography of Dan Brown and A Boy Named Shel: The Life and Times of Shel Silverstein.

Subject categories
  • 9780312603502
  • 9781429987974