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The European Nitrogen Assessment: Sources, Effects and Policy Perspectives

The European Nitrogen Assessment

Sources, Effects and Policy Perspectives

Cambridge University Press (2011)

Multidisciplinary assessment of reactive nitrogen in the environment and its societal threats, for...

Direct Methods for Sparse Matrices

The subject of sparse matrices has its root in such diverse fields as management science, power...

Latin American and Caribbean Foreign Policy
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2003)

This comprehensive text analyzes the foreign policies of eighteen countries in Latin America and the...

Cuban Foreign Policy: Transformation under Raúl Castro

Cuban Foreign Policy

Transformation under Raúl Castro

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2018)

Tracing the sweeping changes in Cuban foreign policy under Raúl Castro, leading scholars provide a...

Cuba's Forgotten Decade: How the 1970s Shaped the Revolution

Cuba's Forgotten Decade

How the 1970s Shaped the Revolution

Emily J. Kirk, Anna Clayfield and 16 more...
Lexington Books (2018)

This book provides a comprehensive assessment of the 1970s in Cuba that challenges the prevailing...

Redefining Cuban Foreign Policy: The Impact of the "Special Period"

Redefining Cuban Foreign Policy

The Impact of the "Special Period"

UPF (2002)

This book establishes the context for the radical restructuring of the country's international...