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Categorical Data Analysis
Wiley (2003)

Amstat News asked three review editors to rate their top five favorite books in the September 2003...

An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
Wiley (2007)

Praise for the First Edition "This is a superb text from which to teach categorical data...

Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data
Wiley (2012)

Statistical science’s first coordinated manual of methods for analyzing ordered categorical data,...

Foundations of Linear and Generalized Linear Models

A valuable overview of the most important ideas and results in statistical modeling Written by a...

An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

A valuable new edition of a standard reference The use of statistical methods for categorical...

Categorical Data Analysis

Praise for the Second Edition "A must-have book for anyone expecting to do research and/or...

Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U. S.
Springer New York (2012)

Statistical science as organized in formal academic departments is relatively new.  With a few...