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Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

A surgical guide aimed at trainee surgeons. An invaluable aid to daily life in ENT surgical...

Transfer of Immovables in European Private Law
Cambridge University Press (2017)

This volume explores the law relating to the transfer of immovables in seventeen countries within...

Kissing in the Chapel, Praying in the Frat House: Wrestling with Faith and College

Kissing in the Chapel, Praying in the Frat House

Wrestling with Faith and College

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2014)

This collection includes essays from twenty-one writers in their twenties reflecting on their...

Handbook of Quality of Life and Sustainability
Springer International Publishing (2020)

This handbook provides the latest research related to quality of life and sustainability, taking...

Construction and Building Research
Springer Netherlands (2014)

Many areas of knowledge converge in the building industry and therefore research in this field...

Branding Latin America: Strategies, Aims, Resistance

Branding Latin America

Strategies, Aims, Resistance

Dunja Fehimovic, Rebecca Ogden and 11 more...
Lexington Books (2018)

This book offers a critical analysis of the spread of branding discourse and practice to new...

The Pomegranate: Botany, Production and Uses

The Pomegranate

Botany, Production and Uses

CABI (2020)

Pomegranate cultivation is increasing considerably worldwide for fresh consumption, juice production...

Dinero Poder Amor
Babelcube Inc. (2018)

¡TODAS LAS GUERRAS SON GUERRAS DE BANQUEROS! Nacidos en tres camas adyacentes, con solo tres...

Genre, féminismes et développement: Une trilogie en construction

Genre, féminismes et développement

Une trilogie en construction

Charmain Levy, Andrea Martinez and 34 more...
University of Ottawa Press (2019)

Cet ouvrage pédagogiquemultidisciplinaire conçu pour les cours de premier cycle présente...

The Effects of Higher Bank Capital Requirements on Credit in Peru
International Monetary Fund (2018)

This paper offers novel evidence on the impact of raising bank capital requirements in thecontext of...