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Ice Cold
Quercus Publishing (2013)

Munich, in the late thirties, the first years of fascism - the last before the war: Kathie is...

Dark Side of Love
Haus Publishing (2010)

A dead man hangs from the portal of St Paul Chapel in Damascus. He was a Muslim officer and he was...

The Indies Enterprise
Haus Publishing (2012)

The Columbus brothers worked relentlessly for eight years to prepare the voyage Christopher dreamed...

The Glory of Life
Haus Publishing (2015)

The aftermath of Franz Kafka’s love affair with Dora Diamant is legend: refusing to honor his...

Calligraphers Secret
Haus Publishing (2014)

Even as a young man, Hamid Farsi is acclaimed as a master of the art of calligraphy. But as time...

Tales from the Brothers Grimm: Selected and Illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

Tales from the Brothers Grimm

Selected and Illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

Astra Publishing House (2013)

A gorgeous collection of familiar and lesser-known Grimm tales, illustrated by one of the greatest...

Black Ice
Bitter Lemon Press (2006)

An amateur investigation into Erika's watery death buys our anti-hero a ticket for a vertiginous...

David's Revenge
Bitter Lemon Press (2009)

A taut psychological thriller about a visitor from war-torn Georgia who brings paranoia to a...

The Stronger Sex
Bitter Lemon Press (2011)

A young lawyer defends the indefensible: a lying, power obsessed adulterer and ruthless...

The Snowman
Bitter Lemon Press (2005)

Paranoid fast paced thriller, how not to get rid of some Peruvian flake.