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Dynamics, Ergodic Theory and Geometry
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Surveys, research articles, and commented problems based on a 2004 MRSI research workshop in...

Ergodic Theory and Negative Curvature: CIRM Jean-Morlet Chair, Fall 2013

Ergodic Theory and Negative Curvature

CIRM Jean-Morlet Chair, Fall 2013

Springer International Publishing (2017)

Focussing on the mathematics related to the recent proof of ergodicity of the (Weil–Petersson)...

Introduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems
Cambridge University Press (1995)

A self-contained comprehensive introduction to the mathematical theory of dynamical systems for...

A First Course in Dynamics: with a Panorama of Recent Developments

A First Course in Dynamics

with a Panorama of Recent Developments

Cambridge University Press (2003)

An advanced undergraduate introduction combining mathematical rigour with copious examples of...