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Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home

Atoms Under the Floorboards

The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home

Bloomsbury Publishing (2015)

Using the modern home as a springboard, Atoms under the Floorboards introduces the reader to ...

Cool Stuff Exploded

Get Inside Modern Technology

DK Publishing (2011)

The third installment of DK's Cool Stuff series will blow your mind. Cool Stuff Exploded is...

The Internet: A Historical Encyclopedia

The Internet

A Historical Encyclopedia

ABC-CLIO (2005)

Illuminating the reality of worldwide access to information, this expanded three-volume set is a...

DK Publishing (2007)

Cool Stuff 2.0: And How it Works shows and explains, in a brilliantly visual and...


Electricity, Heat, Power

DK Publishing (2007)

You and the world around you are full of Energy . From the food you eat to the awesome power of...