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OUP Oxford (2015)

This user-friendly and practical pocketbook outlines the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of...

Olfaction and the Brain
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This 2006 book sets out our understanding of olfaction and mental health, including where it may...

Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This book takes a biopsychosocial and developmental approach to mood and anxiety disorders across...

Marijuana and Madness
Cambridge University Press (2011)

A comprehensive overview of the associations between cannabis and mental illness, from basic...

A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry
Elsevier Health Sciences (2013)

The second edition of A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry provides a broad overview of the major...

Physical Health and Schizophrenia
OUP Oxford (2017)

Physical Health and Schizophrenia offers a user-friendly guide to the physical health problems...

Living with Bipolar: A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Disorder

Living with Bipolar

A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Disorder

Lesley Berk, Michael Berk and 2 more...
Allen & Unwin (2008)

Analyzing an ailment that affects more than half of those suffering from depression, this reference...

Essential Psychiatry
Cambridge University Press (2008)

Major international textbook providing depth and breadth of coverage for all aspects of psychiatry,...

Science, Society, and the Supermarket: The Opportunities and Challenges of Nutrigenomics

Science, Society, and the Supermarket

The Opportunities and Challenges of Nutrigenomics

David Castle, Cheryl Cline and 3 more...
Wiley (2006)

The new science of nutrigenomics and its ethical and societal challenges Gene-diet...

Politics in Europe
SAGE Publications (2018)

Politics in Europe, Seventh Edition  introduces students to the power of the European Union as well...