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Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery

Contagious Disciple Making

Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery

Thomas Nelson (2014)

Contagious Disciple Making details the method used by Cityteam disciple-makers. This distinctive...

Managing Institutional Self Study
McGraw-Hill Education (2005)

Talks about the use of evidence in the leadership and management of universities and colleges. This...

The Question of Morale: Managing Happiness and Unhappiness in University Life

The Question of Morale

Managing Happiness and Unhappiness in University Life

McGraw-Hill Education (2009)

Question of Morale, The: Searching for Happiness in University Life

Pesticide Management and Insecticide Resistance
Elsevier Science (2012)

Pesticide Management and Insecticide Resistance explores the problem of insect resistance to...

Food Science Reviews: Food Hygiene and Safety

Food Science Reviews

Food Hygiene and Safety

Elsevier Science (1996)

Bridging the gap between journal articles and specialised books, Food Science Reviews provides...

Food Chemical Safety: Volume 1: Contaminants

Food Chemical Safety

Volume 1: Contaminants

Chemical contaminants in food, from pesticides and veterinary drug residues to contamination from...

Food Chemical Safety: Volume 2: Additives

Food Chemical Safety

Volume 2: Additives

The use of additives in foods remains both widespread and, for some consumers, controversial....

Pesticide, Veterinary and Other Residues in Food

This wide-ranging text reviews the wealth of recent research on assessing and managing the risks...

Performance Functional Foods

One of the most innovative sectors in the rapidly growing functional foods market is that comprising...

Mistletoes of Southern Australia
CSIRO Publishing (2019)

The definitive illustrated guide to all 47 mistletoe species found in southern Australia.