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The Cook's Book

Techniques and Tips from the World’s Master Chefs

DK Publishing (2005)

With tips, techniques and advice from the top chefs of the world - it's the essential companion...

How to...Ballet

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Secrets of Dance

DK Publishing (2011)

If you have ever dreamt about becoming a prima ballerina, then this is the perfect book to set you...

Knives and Swords

A Visual History

DK Publishing (2010)

Knives and Swords is a highly visual gift book for anyone with an interest in the history of swords...

Essential Strength Trg Skills

Key Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Physique

DK Publishing (2011)

Whether you've been weight training for years or are newly interested in getting toned, Essential...

Atlas of the World

A Practical Companion to the World Today

DK Publishing (2015)

DK 's outstanding cartography and design combine to create this fifth edition of Compact Atlas of...

Pkt Genius:Ancient Egypt

Facts at Your Fingertips

DK Publishing (2016)

Featuring profiles for more than 180 pharaohs, gods, mummies, and ancient objects, Pocket Genius:...

Ultimate Dinosaurs

Lots of Amazing Things About Dinosaurs

DK Publishing (2013)

A visual exploration of the monsters who once ruled the Earth, Ultimate Dinosaurs explores the...

Human Anatomy

The Definitive Visual Guide

DK Publishing (2014)

Human Anatomy will show you what a biological wonder the human body is. This reference guide...

DK Publishing (2014)

Bonsai brings serenity to the home with beautiful miniature trees in idyllic container landscapes....


The Graphic Guide to Finding the Perfect Job For You

DK Publishing (2019)

Find your perfect job here! From social media and IT careers to jobs in architecture, hospitality,...