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PCI Express System Architecture
Addison-Wesley Longman (2003)

PCI Express System Architecture provides an in-depth description of this technology and provides...

PCI System Architecture, Fourth Edition
Addison-Wesley Longman (1999)

Now in its fourth edition, PCI System Architecture provides a detailed review of the PCI Rev 2.2...

Firewire System Architecture, Second Edition (IEEE 1394a)
Addison-Wesley Longman (1999)

The FireWire (IEEE 1394) standard for high-speed serial bus communications has come to the forefront...

Universal Serial Bus System Architecture (USB 2.0), Second Edition
Addison-Wesley Longman (2001)

Universal Serial Bus System Architecture, Second Edition provides an in-depth discussion of USB and...

ISA System Architecture, Third Edition
Addison-Wesley Longman (1995)

The authoritative guide to the ISA specification for internal PC data exchange. ISA System...

HyperTransport System Architecture
Addison-Wesley Longman (2003)

HyperTransport System Architecture provides a comprehensive, technical guide to HyperTransport...

PCMCIA System Architecture: 16-Bit PC Cards, Second Edition

PCMCIA System Architecture (2nd ed.)

16-Bit PC Cards, Second Edition

Addison-Wesley Longman (1995)

PCMCIA System Architecture: 16-Bit PC Cards, Second Edition describes PC card hardware and software...

Pentium Processor System Architecture, Second Edition
Addison-Wesley Longman (1995)

A comprehensive description of the Pentium microprocessor and its relationship to the remainder of...

SATA Storage Technology Serial ATA
MindShare Press (2007)

The SATA (Serial ATA) interface is intended to expand and eventually replace the parallel ATA...

New Theory of the Earth
Cambridge University Press (2007)

An interdisciplinary textbook on the origin, composition, evolution of Earth's interior, for...