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Fantastic Realities: 49 Mind Journeys and a Trip to Stockholm

Fantastic Realities

49 Mind Journeys and a Trip to Stockholm

World Scientific Publishing Company (2006)

Podcast of Frank Wilczek and Betsy Devine's interview with Steve Mirsky of Scientific American...

A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design

A Beautiful Question

Finding Nature's Deep Design

Penguin Publishing Group (2015)

Does the universe embody beautiful ideas? Artists as well as scientists throughout human history...

The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces

The Lightness of Being

Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces

Basic Books (2009)

A Nobel-prize winning physicist takes on the essential question: what are we made of? Our...

Geometric Phases in Physics
World Scientific Publishing Company (1989)

During the last few years, considerable interest has been focused on the phase that waves accumulate...

The Character of Physical Law
The MIT Press (2017)

An introduction to modern physics and to Richard Feynman at his witty and enthusiastic best,...

Ecotoxicology and Genotoxicology: Non-traditional Terrestrial Models

Ecotoxicology and Genotoxicology

Non-traditional Terrestrial Models

P R Alves, Grazyna Wilczek and 13 more...
Royal Society of Chemistry (2017)

The potential impact of anthropogenic pollutants such as agrochemicals on the environment is of...