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The Disordered Mind
Taylor and Francis (2020)

The Disordered Mind , Third Edition, is a wide-ranging introduction to the philosophy of mental...

My Adventures With Your Money
The Floating Press (2014)

Most of the lore surrounding America's Wild West has to do with cowboys and outlaws, but these...

Identifying the Mind: Selected Papers of U. T. Place

Identifying the Mind

Selected Papers of U. T. Place

Oxford University Press (2004)

This is the one and only book by the pioneer of the identity theory of mind. The collection focuses...

Reconceiving Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia has been investigated predominately from psychological, psychiatric and...

Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda (2nd ed.)

George Eliot, Graham Handley and 1 more...
OUP Oxford (1984)

Daniel Deronda, George Eliot's last great novel, charts the intertwined lives of spirited Gwendolen...

The Oxford Handbook of Theology and Modern European Thought
OUP Oxford (2013)

'Modern European thought' describes a wide range of philosophies, cultural programmes, and political...

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry
OUP Oxford (2013)

Philosophy has much to offer psychiatry, not least regarding ethical issues, but also issues...

The Abraham Dilemma: A divine delusion

What, if anything, is religious or spiritual delusion? What does religious delusion reveal about...

Genetically Modified Plants: Assessing Safety and Managing Risk

Genetically Modified Plants

Assessing Safety and Managing Risk

Roger Hull, George T. Tzotzos and 1 more...
Elsevier Science (2009)

A transgenic organism is a plant, animal, bacterium, or other living organism that has had a foreign...

Clinical Interventions in Criminal Justice Settings: Evidence-Based Practice
Elsevier Science (2018)

Clinical Interventions in Criminal Justice Settings balances theoretical frameworks and research...