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Pocket Guide to Musculoskeletal Diagnosis
Humana Press (2007)

Practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation physician Grant Cooper, MD, provides a concise...

Essential Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Humana Press (2007)

Comprehensive and concise review of the essential facts needed to do a successful clinical rotation...

Non-Operative Treatment of the Lumbar Spine
Springer International Publishing (2015)

Bridging the gap between the medical literature and the practice of lumbar spine medicine, this...

Therapeutic Uses of Botulinum Toxin
Humana Press (2007)

This volume outlines and examines current understanding of botulinum toxin and its various...

Exercises for Back Pain: The Complete Reference Guide to Caring for Your Back through Fitness

Exercises for Back Pain

The Complete Reference Guide to Caring for Your Back through Fitness

Hatherleigh Press (2010)

A convenient, cost-effective opportunity to alleviating the stiffness, lack of mobility, and...

Essential Sports Medicine
Humana Press (2008)

Every medical student, resident, fellow and attending physician who deals with sports medicine...

Flickers of Desire: Movie Stars of the 1910s

Flickers of Desire

Movie Stars of the 1910s

Jennifer M. Bean, Richard Abel and 10 more...
Rutgers University Press (2011)

Today, we are so accustomed to consuming the amplified lives of film stars that the origins of the...