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Economics: The User's Guide: A Pelican Introduction
Penguin Books Ltd (2014)

What is economics? What can - and can't - it explain about the world? Why does it matter? ...

The Political Economy of Industrial Policy
Palgrave Macmillan (1993)

The book provides a comprehensive discussion of the controversial issue of industrial policy,...

Public Policy and Agricultural Development
Taylor and Francis (2011)

This book critically re-examines the currently dominant paradigm of agricultural development policy...

Institutional Change and Economic Development
United Nations University Press (2007)

The issue of institutional development has come to prominence during the last decade or so. During...

The Transformation of the Communist Economies: Against the Mainstream
Palgrave Macmillan UK (2016)

The mainstream view of the way in which best to transform the communist economies was that there...

The Politics of Trade and Industrial Policy in Africa: Forced Consensus?
International Development Research Centre (2004)

This book maps the policy process and political economy of policymaking in Africa. Its focus on...

Restructuring 'Korea Inc.': Financial Crisis, Corporate Reform, and Institutional Transition

Restructuring 'Korea Inc.'

Financial Crisis, Corporate Reform, and Institutional Transition

Taylor and Francis (2003)

The 1997 South Korean financial crisis not only shook the country itself but also sent shock waves...

Financial Liberalization and the Asian Crisis
Palgrave Macmillan (2001)

The financial crisis that hit a number of 'miracle' economies of Asia in 1997 shocked the world. ...

Reclaiming Development: An Alternative Economic Policy Manual

Reclaiming Development (2nd ed.)

An Alternative Economic Policy Manual

Ha-Joon Chang, Ilene Grabel and 1 more...
Zed Books (2014)

A groundbreaking book by leading authors that fundamentally challenges the central tenets of...

Can We Afford the Future?: The Economics of a Warming World

Can We Afford the Future?

The Economics of a Warming World

Zed Books (2009)

Offers a look at the economics of climate change, explaining how the arbitrary assumptions of...