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Critique of Pure Reason, Abridged
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (1999)

This thoughtful abridgment makes an ideal introduction to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason . Key...

Vorlesung zur Moralphilosophie
De Gruyter (2008)

Die"Vorlesung über Moralphilosophie" aus den 1770er Jahren ist eine wichtige Erläuterung und...

On the Old Saw: That May be Right in Theory But It Won't Work in Practice

On the Old Saw

That May be Right in Theory But It Won't Work in Practice

Immanuel Kant, E. B. Ashton and 1 more...
University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc. (2013)

Kant replies to the claim that there is conflict between what moral theory demands and what we can...

Kant: The Metaphysics of Morals
Cambridge University Press (1996)

A complete translation of Kant's major work in moral philosophy, with an introduction and notes.

Kant: Political Writings
Cambridge University Press (1991)

This edition includes two important texts illustrating Kants's view of history along with notes and...

Practical Philosophy
Cambridge University Press (1996)

This 1997 book was the first English translation of all Kant's writings on moral and political...

Religion within the Bounds of Bare Reason
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (2009)

Werner S. Pluhar's masterful rendering of Kant's major work on religion is meticulously annotated...

Kant: Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason: And Other Writings
Cambridge University Press (1998)

A new translation of Kant's great essay on religion and its relation to reason.

Religion and Rational Theology
Cambridge University Press (2001)

This volume collects all of Kant's writings on religion and rational theology.

Theoretical Philosophy after 1781
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Scholarly translations of Kant's polemical writings popularizing and defending the Critique of Pure...