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Optimal Time-Domain Noise Reduction Filters: A Theoretical Study
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

This book offers a general framework in the time domain for single and multiple microphone cases,...

Study and Design of Differential Microphone Arrays
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

The systematic coverage of differential microphone arrays in this book approaches the topic from a...

A Conceptual Framework for Noise Reduction
Springer International Publishing (2015)

Though noise reduction and speech enhancement problems have been studied for at least five decades,...

Fundamentals of Signal Enhancement and Array Signal Processing
Wiley (2017)

A comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of signal enhancement and array signal processing,...

Speech Enhancement
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

A strong reference on the problem of signal and speech enhancement, describing the newest...

Acoustic MIMO Signal Processing
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2006)

This book reviews acoustic MIMO scenarios for improving human-machine interaction. The book...

Microphone Array Signal Processing
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2008)

The main objective of this concise book is to derive and explain the most fundamental algorithms...

Design of Circular Differential Microphone Arrays
Springer International Publishing (2015)

Recently, we proposed a completely novel and efficient way to design differential beamforming...

Array Processing: Kronecker Product Beamforming

Array Processing

Kronecker Product Beamforming

Jacob Benesty, Israel Cohen and 1 more...
Springer International Publishing (2019)

The focus of this book is on array processing and beamforming with Kronecker products. It considers...

Speech Enhancement in the Karhunen-Loeve Expansion Domain
Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2011)

This book is devoted to the study of the problem of speech enhancement whose objective is the...