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Medieval Theatre in Context: An Introduction
Taylor and Francis (2016)

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

Sport, Events, Tourism and Regeneration
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Investments in sport, events and tourism in cities and wider regions are part of nascent...

Child Psychology in Action: Linking Research and Practice

Child Psychology in Action

Linking Research and Practice

Originally published in 1986, there was a divorce between the immense amount of research taking...

Language Development in Schools for Children with Severe Learning Difficulties
Taylor and Francis (2018)

First published in 1988. Language is an important developmental ability which facilitates...

Managing State Social Work: Front-Line Management and the Labour Process Perspective

Managing State Social Work

Front-Line Management and the Labour Process Perspective

Taylor and Francis (2018)

Published in 1998. The industrial model of the labour process developed by Braverman was applied to...

Events, Places and Societies
Taylor and Francis (2019)

Events can be synonymous with a particular place, helping shape and promote a location. Given the...

Independent Thinking in an Uncertain World: A Mind of One’s Own
Taylor and Francis (2019)

Any effective response to an uncertain future will require independently thinking individuals...

Major Sporting Events: Beyond the Big Two

Major Sporting Events

Beyond the Big Two

John Harris, Fiona Skillen and 1 more...

Sport has long been used as a tool for political gain and many major sporting events are now often...

A Systems Approach To Social Impact Assessment: Two Alaskan Case Studies
Taylor and Francis (2019)

This book provides two case studies that demonstrate the use of systems analysis to forecast the...

Management Skills in Social Care: A Handbook for Social Care Managers

Management Skills in Social Care

A Handbook for Social Care Managers

Taylor and Francis (2019)

First published in 1992, this volume responds to the importance of management has been increasingly...