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India Today: Economy, Politics and Society

India Today

Economy, Politics and Society

Wiley (2013)

Twenty years ago India was still generally thought of as an archetypal developing country, home to...

Reinventing India: Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy

Reinventing India

Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy

Wiley (2013)

When India was invented as a "modern" country in the years after Independence in 1947 it styled...

India: Continuity and Change in the Twenty-First Century


Continuity and Change in the Twenty-First Century

John Harriss, Craig Jeffrey and 1 more...
Wiley (2020)

India has been catapulted to the centre of world attention. Its rapidly growing economy, new...

The New Institutional Economics and Third World Development
Taylor and Francis (1995)

The new institutional economics is one of the the most important new bodies of theory to emerge in...

Understanding India's New Political Economy: A Great Transformation?
Taylor and Francis (2011)

A number of large-scale transformations have shaped the economy, polity and society of India over...

Development and the Rural-Urban Divide
Taylor and Francis (2017)

First published in 1984. It is widely acknowledged that rural-urban differences and...

Keywords for Modern India
OUP Oxford (2014)

Keywords for Modern India provides a powerful introduction to modern India's culture, politics and...

Whatever Happened to Class?: Reflections from South Asia

Whatever Happened to Class?

Reflections from South Asia

Lexington Books (2008)

Class explains much in the differentiation of life chances and political dynamics in South Asia, yet...