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The Cider House Rules
HarperCollins (2012)

An American classic first published in 1985 by William Morrow and adapted into an Academy...

Mozart's Piano Sonatas: Contexts, Sources, Style

Mozart's Piano Sonatas

Contexts, Sources, Style

Cambridge University Press (1997)

An examination of Mozart's piano sonatas, showing them to be a microcosm of the composer's changing...

Mozart: The 'Haydn' Quartets
Cambridge University Press (1998)

A guide to Mozart's most famous string quartets, dedicated to his friend, Joseph Haydn.

Understanding Mozart's Piano Sonatas
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Mozart's piano sonatas are among the most familiar of his works and stand alongside those of Haydn...

A Prayer for Owen Meany
Knopf Canada (2012)

“I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice—not because of his voice, or because he was the...

Trying To Save Piggy Sneed
Transworld (2012)

In a spirited opening piece, John Irving explains how he became a writer. There follow six...

Mozart's Piano Concertos
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Mozart's piano concertos stand alongside his operas and symphonies as his most frequently performed...

Avenue of Mysteries
Knopf Canada (2015)

John Irving returns to the themes that established him as one of North America's most admired and...

The Water-Method Man
Random House Publishing Group (2018)

“John Irving, it is abundantly clear, is a true artist.”— Los Angeles Times Fred "Bogus" Trumper...

Setting Free the Bears: A Novel
Random House Publishing Group (2018)

“Truly remarkable . . . encompasses the longings and agonies of youth . . . a complex and moving...