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Musculoskeletal Imaging: Case Review Series E-Book
Elsevier Health Sciences (2008)

This volume in the best-selling “Case Review series uses 200 case studies to challenge your...

DK Publishing (2005)

Considered the feng shui bible by classical practitioners and teachers, 'The Complete Idiot's Guide...

Musculoskeletal Imaging: Case Review Series E-Book
Elsevier Health Sciences (2016)

Increase your knowledge and improve your image interpretation skills using the proven and popular...

China's Japan Policy: Adjusting to New Challenges

China's Japan Policy

Adjusting to New Challenges

World Scientific Publishing Company (2014)

China and Japan are the two most important countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Their economic ties...

China's Foreign Policy: Challenges and Prospects

China's Foreign Policy

Challenges and Prospects

World Scientific Publishing Company (2016)

This volume examines the Chinese foreign policy framework today and traces its evolution since the...

Multilateral Approach in China's Foreign Policy
World Scientific Publishing Company (2017)

Since the mid-1990s, the Chinese authorities have gradually come to embrace multilateralism to...

The Development of Guangdong: China's Economic Powerhouse
World Scientific Publishing Company (2018)

This volume examines the development of Guangdong, especially the Pearl River Delta, throughout the...

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017
HMH Books (2017)

A collection of the best American science fiction and fantasy stories from 2016

Patentschutz und Stammzellforschung: Internationale und rechtsvergleichende Aspekte

Patentschutz und Stammzellforschung

Internationale und rechtsvergleichende Aspekte

Joseph Straus, Peter Ganea and 1 more...
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)

Regenerative Medizin setzt große Hoffnungen in die Forschung mit humanen embryonalen Stammzellen....

Global China: Internal and External Reaches

Global China

Internal and External Reaches

World Scientific Publishing Company (2015)

After two decades since the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991, the largest and the most...