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Little, Brown and Company (2010)

The long-awaited autobiography of Keith Richards, guitarist, songwriter, singer, and founding member...

Arsenic Pollution: A Global Synthesis

Arsenic Pollution

A Global Synthesis

Wiley (2009)

Arsenic Pollution summarizes the most current research on the distribution and causes of arsenic...

Bolivia - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Bolivia - Culture Smart!

The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Kuperard (2009)

Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different...

Johnny B. Bad: Chuck Berry and the Making of Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll

Johnny B. Bad

Chuck Berry and the Making of Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rare Bird Books (2019)

Thirty years ago, Chuck Berry starred in the seminal music documentary Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail!...

Extrapolation Practice for Ecotoxicological Effect Characterization of Chemicals
CRC Press (2008)

A wide-ranging compilation of techniques, Extrapolation Practice for Ecotoxicological Effect...

Design Engineer's Handbook
CRC Press (2012)

Student design engineers often require a "cookbook" approach to solving certain problems in...

Design Engineer's Case Studies and Examples
CRC Press (2013)

The Engineering Council (UK) have reported an encouraging increase in the applications for...

Design Engineer's Reference Guide: Mathematics, Mechanics, and Thermodynamics

Design Engineer's Reference Guide

Mathematics, Mechanics, and Thermodynamics

CRC Press (2014)

Author Keith L. Richards believes that design engineers spend only a small fraction of time actually...

The Rolling Stones 1972
Chronicle Books LLC (2012)

In 1972, the Rolling Stones marked their first decade as a band with the release of Exile on Main...

Interdisciplinary Discourse: Communicating Across Disciplines

Interdisciplinary Discourse

Communicating Across Disciplines

Palgrave Macmillan UK (2017)

This book uncovers exactly what is involved when researchers from different disciplines engage with...