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Calculus: Concepts and Methods
Cambridge University Press (2002)

A gentle, thorough and beautifully illustrated introduction to calculus for students from a range of...

Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2007)

Games are played everywhere: from economics and online auctions to social interactions, and game...

Rational Decisions
Princeton University Press (2008)

It is widely held that Bayesian decision theory is the final word on how a rational person should...

Evolution and Rationality: Decisions, Co-operation and Strategic Behaviour

Evolution and Rationality

Decisions, Co-operation and Strategic Behaviour

Cambridge University Press (2012)

This volume explores from several viewpoints the relationship between Darwinian evolution and the...

Natural Justice
Oxford University Press (2005)

This book lays out foundations for a "science of morals." A leading authority on game theory,...

Playing for Real: A Text on Game Theory

Playing for Real

A Text on Game Theory

Oxford University Press (2007)

Game theory makes sense of a wide variety of human interactions, as Ken Binmore amply demonstrates...

Crooked Thinking or Straight Talk?: Modernizing Epicurean Scientific Philosophy

Crooked Thinking or Straight Talk?

Modernizing Epicurean Scientific Philosophy

Springer International Publishing (2020)

Why can't we think straight about the big issues that face our society? Why are we taken in by the...