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Mark Twain's Library of Humor
Random House Publishing Group (2010)

Beginning with the piece that made Mark Twain famous--"The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras...

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
OUP Oxford (2007)

In this enduring and internationally popular novel, Mark Twain combines social satire and dime-novel...

Life on the Mississippi
NuVision Publications, LLC (2004)

This book by Mark Twain is arguably one of his best works. It is a wonderful story about a forgotten...

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Illustrated
HarperCollins Canada (2016)

A nostalgic return to the world of 19th-century rural Missouri -- a world of endless summers and...

Tom Sawyer, Detective
The Floating Press (2008)

Tom Sawyer, Detective follows Twain's popular novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer , Adventures...

Chapters from My Autobiography
The Floating Press (1907)

Renowned American humorist Mark Twain turns his incisive wit loose on his own life story in this...

The Mysterious Stranger
The Floating Press (1916)

In the last extended piece of fiction from beloved American fiction writer and humorist Mark Twain,...

Following the Equator Publishing (2004)

Mark Twain's 1897 account of circumnavigating the globe by steamship.

How to Tell a Story and Other Essays Publishing (2004)

A collection of essays by Mark Twain which includes the following: How to Tell a Story, The Wounded...

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Publishing (2004)

The adventures of a mischievous young boy and his friends growing up in a Mississippi River town in...