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Border Rhetorics: Citizenship and Identity on the US-Mexico Frontier

Border Rhetorics

Citizenship and Identity on the US-Mexico Frontier

University of Alabama Press (2012)

Border Rhetorics is a collection of essays that undertakes a wide-ranging examination of the...

Foundations of Biosocial Health: Stigma and Illness Interactions

Foundations of Biosocial Health

Stigma and Illness Interactions

Lexington Books (2017)

In this collection, researchers examine areas in which biosocial health can be better understood...

New Feminist Christianity: Many Voices, Many Views

New Feminist Christianity

Many Voices, Many Views

Turner Publishing Company (2012)

Leaders from across the spectrum of the emerging directions of feminist Christianity speak about...

Perspectives on Flourishing in Schools
Lexington Books (2018)

This book provides a view of well-being in schools from a range of theoretical and practical...