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The Oxford Handbook of Strategy Implementation
Oxford University Press (2017)

Leading scholars examine the crucial role of implementation influencing how business and managerial...

Munchkin Vol. 5
Munchkin Series (No. 5)
BOOM! Box (2017)

Based on the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure, join Spyke and Flower as they compete in...

Munchkin #14
Munchkin Series (No. 14)
BOOM! Box (2016)

Dungeons, and monsters, and loot?oh my!

Munchkin #15
Munchkin Series (No. 15)
BOOM! Box (2016)

When Spyke dies on a dungeon run, he is sent to the deepest level of the lower planes reserved for...

Munchkin #19
Munchkin Series (No. 19)
BOOM! Box (2016)

To tie in with the release of Katie Cook's Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition card set from Steve...

Munchkin #18
Munchkin Series (No. 18)
BOOM! Box (2016)

In this issue, follow an intrepid FBI agent and his team as they raid a cult of Cthulhu. Everyone...

Munchkin #17
Munchkin Series (No. 17)
BOOM! Box (2016)

Spyke and Flower are on a dungeon crawl to see how many dungeons they can loot in a single night.

Munchkin #16
Munchkin Series (No. 16)
BOOM! Box (2016)

Spyke and Flower are on a dungeon crawl—roaming dungeons and crypts throughout the land to see how...

Munchkin #20
Munchkin Series (No. 20)
BOOM! Box (2016)

Feeling glum, chum? Turn that frown upside down with some dungeon-dwelling fun! This issue ties into...

Munchkin #13
Munchkin Series (No. 13)
BOOM! Box (2016)

A munchkin has to visit an expert for help after she's hit with an unknown curse that's making her...