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Human Learning: An Holistic Approach

Human Learning

An Holistic Approach

Taylor and Francis (2005)

Learning is among the most basic of human activities. The study of, and research into, learning...

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mid and Later Life
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2016)

Bringing together a wealth of professional and academic research, alongside personal insights into...

Philosophies of Race and Ethnicity
Bloomsbury Publishing (2003)

Race and ethnicity have become two of the most loaded and contested concepts in the contemporary...

Last Things: Essays on Ends and Endings

This multidisciplinary collection brings together scholars from the fields of literature, theology...

Money and Collateral
International Monetary Fund (2012)

Between 1980 and before the recent crisis, the ratio of financial market debt to liquid assets rose...

Issues in Central Bank Finance and Independence
International Monetary Fund (2008)

Conventional economic policy models focus only on selected elements of the central bank balance...

Central Bank Financial Strength, Policy Constraints and Inflation
International Monetary Fund (2008)

Central bank financial strength is positively associated with good policy performance. Financially...

Central Bank Response to the 2007-08 Financial Market Turbulence: Experiences and Lessons Drawn
International Monetary Fund (2008)

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering...

Central Bank Financial Strength and Policy Performance: An Econometric Evaluation
International Monetary Fund (2008)

The financial health of central banks and its relation to policy outcomes has recently been...

The Federal Reserve System Balance Sheet-What Happened and Why it Matters
International Monetary Fund (2009)

The recent expansion of the balance sheet of the consolidated Federal Reserve Banks (FRB) is...