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Competing Values Leadership: Creating Value in Organizations
Edward Elgar Publishing (2006)

Creating value in a firm is an enormously complex endeavor. Yet, despite its complexity, value...

Competing Values Leadership
Edward Elgar Publishing (2014)

This thoroughly updated book serves as the key source for understanding the Competing Values...

Studying Diversity in Teacher Education
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2011)

Studying Diversity in Teacher Education is a collaborative effort by experts seeking to elucidate...

Handbook of Microbial Metabolism of Amino Acids, The
CABI (2017)

This book collates and reviews recent advances in the microbial metabolism of amino acids,...

Pilgrimage in Practice: Narration, Reclamation and Healing

Pilgrimage in Practice

Narration, Reclamation and Healing

This book reveals many aspects of the practice of pilgrimage, including its nationalistic facets,...