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Valuing Intellectual Property in Japan, Britain and the United States
Taylor and Francis (2004)

As over half the assets of many major companies are now intangible assets, there is an increasing...

Mental Health Care in Japan
Taylor and Francis (2012)

Mental health, including widespread depression, a high suicide rate and institutionalisation, is a...

Japanese Telecommunications: Market and Policy in Transition

Japanese Telecommunications

Market and Policy in Transition

Presenting a comprehensive survey of the telecommunications industry in Japan, Taplin and...

Intellectual Property, Innovation and Management in Emerging Economies

This book argues that intellectual property (IP) management development and innovation are...

Intellectual Property and the New Global Japanese Economy

The Japanese economy is the second largest in the world and is becoming once more one of the most...

Risk Management and Innovation in Japan, Britain and the USA

Assessing and managing risk is vitally important, and is increasingly studied in a range of areas...

Outsourcing and Human Resource Management: An International Survey

Outsourcing is an increasingly popular strategy deployed by a variety of institutions, including...

Innovation and Business Partnering in Japan, Europe and the United States

Innovation studies and partnering/collaborative alliances are rapidly growing areas of interest....

Intellectual Property Valuation and Innovation: Towards global harmonisation

With the recent global economic crisis, attitudes and practices in relation to intellectual property...

Decision-Making & Japan: A Study of Corporate Japanese Decision-Making and Its Relevance to Western Companies

Decision-Making & Japan

A Study of Corporate Japanese Decision-Making and Its Relevance to Western Companies

Taylor and Francis (2013)

Demonstrates that Western individualism and Japanese groupism are not necessarily incompatible or...