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Critical Realism in Economics: Development and Debate
Taylor and Francis (1998)

Drawing on the fields of economic methodology and economic theory, this title opens up new forms of...

Hayek's Political Economy: The Socio-economics of Order

Hayek's Political Economy

The Socio-economics of Order

Taylor and Francis (1995)

In a society where no central agency coordinates the human activity of producing, selling and...

Critical Realist Applications in Organisation and Management Studies
Taylor and Francis (2004)

Critical realism has become increasingly important in the way organization and management is...

Explaining the Performance of Human Resource Management
Cambridge University Press (2010)

This book challenges the widely held view that we can scientifically measure the link between human...

Realist Perspectives on Management and Organisations
Taylor and Francis (2000)

Realism has been one of the most powerful new developments in philosophy and the social sciences and...

Critical Realism and Marxism

This book examines the relationship between critical realism and Marxism. The authors argue that...