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Colour Forecasting
Wiley (2008)

The colour forecasting process is a major driving force in the fashion and textile industries but is...

Ethnographies of Breastfeeding: Cultural Contexts and Confrontations

Ethnographies of Breastfeeding

Cultural Contexts and Confrontations

Taylor and Francis (2020)

Breastfeeding is an intimate and deeply rooted bodily practice, as well as a highly controversial...

Textile and Clothing Design Technology
CRC Press (2017)

In the textile industry, there is a pressing need for people who can facilitate the translation of...

Design Roots: Culturally Significant Designs, Products and Practices

Design Roots

Culturally Significant Designs, Products and Practices

Stuart Walker, Martyn Evans and 3 more...
Bloomsbury Publishing (2018)

Design Roots provides a comprehensive review of culturally significant designs, products and...

Television Performance
Macmillan Education UK (2019)

This innovative and timely collection offers a wide-reaching critical evaluation of performance in...

Language Variety in the South Revisited
University of Alabama Press (2014)

Top linguists from diverse fields address language varieties in the South.   Language...